Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Black Hat Marketing

Heard it all before? So had I! Then I found out about the secret 'Black Hat' underworld making mountains of money using techniques I'd NEVER heard about AT ANY SEMINAR.

as I think you should know this stuff too...

I'm inviting you to get access to the controversial one-off
London Black Hat Master Class DVD recordings,
where I revealed these secrets including:

Adwords account banned? No problem... How to create new Google Adwords accounts AND get £1,000 free ad spend
How and where to get free stuff, including ANY Clickbank product, software, WSO's, holidays and much more
Guaranteed Acceptance to CPA (Cost Per Action) Networks and how to achieve at least 64% ROI from them
Local Business Marketing - Black Hat SEO, Google Places tricks, positive (and negative) reviews loophole and more
How to make legal tax-free income
... And so much more (read below)
Dear Online Marketer,
You have an internet connection and therefore you have the opportunity to reach about 2 billion people. Nielson research shows that approximately 84% of people online have previously made an online purchase of some sort and that every year £ billions are spent online.
BUT are you still striving for that hands off income stream that will allow you to live the life that you deserve?

I am here to help you. I'd like to invite YOU to get access to recordings from My Secret, Underground London "Black Hat" Master Class.
This ONE-OFF event happened on Saturday 19th November and sold out. We recorded the event and printed off a set number of DVDs... When they are gone, they are gone. There are still some left that will allow you too learn the secrets shared on the day.

What is 'Black Hat'?

You may have already heard of 'Black Hat' marketing, but if you haven't it's basically it's using techniques and methods which in some circles might be slightly frowned upon, perhaps technically contrary to some over zealous terms and conditions.
Or it could be  techniques that make use of 'unapproved' software that can give you an unfair advantage, or it can include strategies to leverage other people's traffic to make you money. The techniques are rarely shared as those using them like to keep them to themselves, only known about in exclusive network groups which are hard to break into.

Why Was it One Off?

Because what revealed in this workshop is going to really annoy a lot of people and I need to put my personally safety first. I'm certainly not planning on running any more workshops.

Why Limited DVDs?

I don't want saturation happening with the techniques I'm sharing. Right now there is a VERY SMALL number of people across the world using these methods.  Also, I need to protect myself, as the stuff I teach is really, really going to annoy a lot of people out there.

So if any of the below points, sound like you...
You might want to grab a spot before they run out:

I am still making less than I earn from a full time job through online marketing
Facebook - I love it, but I spend far too much time on it, I'd rather be making money!
I am on email lists from these online guru's that keep sending out the next best thing - I still buy some of these empty promises and recommendations from these guru's, but none of them ever really deliver
I want to live the dream, I want to live the internet marketer lifestyle

So Who Am I ?

My online name is 'Legend'. It's cheesy I know... But it keeps me anonymous and lets me deliver you real content and real value without me having to worry about who I annoy and what boundaries I might be crossing.
If you started out like me then you have probably bought quite a few empty promises of how to make millions online with very little effort... But they haven't quite worked as well as you hoped.
These Guru's continue to keep selling the same hype that simply does not deliver and it is really starting to p**s me off!

So I Have Decided to Do Something About It...

I have been marketing online full time for around 3 years now (and another 3 years part time before this) and I only ever actually started making real money when I broke into the underground, secretive world of black hat marketing.
I honestly don't see myself as a presenter or anything like this, but it's gotten to the point where someone has to speak up and help people like you and me, understand what the truth is. I have achieved true financial freedom and I want to help you do the same. Plus if I stop "guru's" ripping off innocent victim's in the process, it's a bonus ;)

This exclusive master class includes:

1. Getting things for free and/or majorly discounted

How and where to get most software and info products for free
How to effectively get a lot of physical products for free
How to get ANYTHING on Clickbank 100% free
How to get free holidays and services
How to get cash back and/or discounts on pretty much anything you buy
How to defend against people buying your info products and sharing them online 

2. CPA Networks tips, tricks and campaigns

How to get guaranteed acceptance into CPA networks
How to make guaranteed commissions - Follow this strategy to get over 64% ROI (Return on investment) and possibly MUCH MORE.
Case Studies of campaigns that will make you commissions

3. Google Adwords Loopholes

Google Adwords account banned - no problem... Learn how to create new ones (This little trick in itself is easily worth the price of the whole workshop)
Get free and dirt cheap Adwords vouchers - Now you know how to create new accounts, how would you like to know where to get vouchers for all of them to give you free £50+ ad spend on them?
Use this for Local Business Marketing, JV's with people who have had their accounts banned, marketing Clickbank and other information products... plus so much more!

4. Local Business Marketing - Secret Strategies That Work Insanely Well

How to get ranked in Google Places
How to get unlimited positive (or negative) reviews and get them to stick
How to get your clients free Adwords vouchers
SEO - Search engine optimisation tricks that work for local business (And any niche) like you've never seen before
Plus tips on outsourcing, closing deals and beating your competition

5. How to become an authority in ANY Niche / Area in 30 days

How to create and get your own book on amazon
Create a Facebook fan page with 1000+ fans
Get a Twitter Profile with 1000+ followers
Get a Linked in Profile with 1,000+ connections and 10+ recommendations
Create a Youtube channel with video testimonials and you being interviewed as the expert
How to get your own blog website done
Where and how to get all of this done, cheaply and effectively

6. Twitter Monster Traffic - Guest speaker 'The Geek'

How to use software to get you a mountain of traffic, the geek has generated 100,000 visitors to his website within 14 days using his unique methods.

7. How to legally pay 0% tax on your online earnings

How to pay zero tax
No need to submit an annual return
How to live the dream internet lifestyle

8. How to 'steal' others affiliate commissions

The secrets of 'cookie stuffing' and how you can use this to get affiliate commissions flowing with very little effort.
£2.2 million case study 

9. How to work anonymously

How you can use 'proxy' systems to cover your tracks and use these techniques anonymously
What they are
Why they are needed
How to profit from them 

10. My Personal Recommendations from doing this for 6 years

What to do for SEO, including software, services, directories, recommendations and strategies
What software is currently best to use for Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
and much, much, much more...


For one full day, you will get myself and 2 other expert speakers:

'Legend' (Myself)

I'm an underground black hat marketer originally from the UK, who has also travelled around the world including USA, India, Asia, Europe and Africa. I am passionate about travelling, helping other people succeed online and stopping innocent victims from getting ripped off by "online guru's".
I will be teaching for most of the event, but I have 2 other special trainers speaking too who will teach some specific strategies they are using too.


Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson is one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers. If you’re already in or been around the Internet marketing business you may have heard of Simon or might even have been to one of his previous events. Simon Coulson climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before leaving the city life in December 2003. Since 2003 he has gone on to build and grow a series of £million+ internet businesses.
Simon has generated over £8.5million pounds from his online businesses and is actually one of the key teachers that taught me about internet marketing. Simon will be sharing some specific advanced techniques he has used to amass his fortune.


'The Geek'

This guest speaker will share with you his secret methods for generating MOUNTAINS of traffic using automated software on AUTOPILOT.
He is self confessed geek, with a degree in Computer Science and the brains to figure out his own UNIQUE strategies, but you don't need to be a geek to apply them.


This master class contains material that you will have never seen before on stage, no matter how many seminars and workshops you have attended. The master class will shock you, educate you and excel you... allowing you to get a back door, exclusive pass into this secret blackhat world. You won't find this kind of stuff on Clickbank or in the warrior forum ;)
Believe me, I wish I could have attended my own master class 6 years ago, it would have saved me countless hours of wasted time and £1,000's of wasted money on info products that I could have gotten for free if I knew of this blackhat underworld. I would hate for you to miss out, as I really want to help you succeed.
So to make it a no brainer, I want to take all the risk, so you don't have to take any. Here is my Guarantee to you:

Purchase a copy of the DVDs and once you receive them, if you are not happy then you can return them within 7 days for a full money back refund. Plus you can keep all the bonuses!
I don't want to take your money if you are not completely satisfied and blown away by the content that you will get from this unique masterclass.
This course is to help you make money online and I truly believe that the value you get from it is easily worth 10 times the investment that you are making.

Lets think about this logically now. The question shouldn't be whether you can afford to invest in this master class... As I truly believe it will (without a doubt) cost you more to miss than it would to go. Take just 3 points below:

How to get £1,000 worth of free advertising from Google Adwords

We will show you how to open a Google Adwords accounts and get free Adwords vouchers. This means that you will be able to have £1,000 worth of completely free advertising on Google Adwords!

How to pay 0% tax

I will show you how to legally pay 0% tax on all your online income. How much would this one little secret be worth to you? For example If you were to earn £20,000 a year and pay 20% tax on this... You would pay £4,000 a year to the tax man. Join the secret and elite group who choose not too.

How to save a FORTUNE on your future education

Be honest with yourself and answer the following question:
How much have you spent on "how to make money online" information within the last 5 years?
... Got an answer yet?
OK great. With the knowledge that you gain in just 1 hour of this workshop, you will know where to get most of the things you paid for, free of charge. How much would this have saved you?
£500, £1,000, £5,000+ ?
How much more will you (honestly) continue to spend to enhance your online education in the next 5 years?

... And these are just 3 out of the 10 modules
of the days course that I have highlighted!

Order Now to Avoid Disappointment

Please order now and secure your DVDs of the day, including 10 bonuses. I genuinely want to help you succeed and I would hate for you to miss out on this opportunity and keep on wasting money on other courses that don't deliver what they promise.
I want to be completely honest with you, that I am not planning to ever run this event again. This is not some cheesy, false scarcity tactic. It's simply the truth. You see, I don't really see myself as a presenter and I prefer to be underground, working from a laptop connection travelling the world.
Plus, I don't know if it's gonna be safe for me to run another one of these, as, if you manage to secure a set of DVDs from the day before they run out, you will understand what I'm talking about!
As if all of that wasn't enough, here are bonuses that you will receive when you order one of the limited DVD sets:

Bonus # 1 - Private Facebook group invite

Miss out on this and you will constantly miss out on a network of daily status updates, success stories and networking opportunities. I strongly believe that networking and motivating each other are essential for success. This is where to do it and it will help you succeed.


Bonus # 2 - My Personal Rolodex

I will talk through these on the day, but as a bonus, I will give you complete access to my personal rolodex list of recommended: contacts, Facebook pages, websites, blogs, forums, software, outsourcing sites and much more.


Bonus # 3 - My entire PLR (Private Labels Rights) Collection

This consists of over 200,000+ ebooks, article, websites and other information resources. Approximately 2GB worth of "Stuff".
PLR is still good for giving away as bonuses and there is also still room to profit on eBay from this, especially if you use the knowledge from the master class.


Bonus # 4 - £1,000 in google Adwords vouchers.

I will show you how to open new Google Adwords accounts and get 20 x £50 Google Adwords voucher for free, that you can use for yourself or use to get local business clients.



Bonus # 5 - CPA Network Cheat Sheet

Again I will talk through these on the day, but as a bonus, I will give you full access to my personal list of CPA networks and success strategies and tips that will have you walking your way into CPA networks in no time.


Bonus # 6 - Screenshot software to monitor offshore employers / anyone*

When you reach a certain level, you will probably start employing offshore people (if you don't do so already). So I paid to have some software done to get screenshots of my offshore workers, at random time intervals.
This gives you a similar effect to what you get from hiring off of odesk or vworker... But allows you to hire people cheaper from anywhere and still monitor them.
* You could also use this to monitor what your children look at on the internet, if this applies to you


Bonus # 7 - How to keep your private information - private

Don't get your identity stolen, it can be devastating and destroy your life as you know it. By staying anonymous, you stay protected.
I will show you how to effortlessly change your IP address, use digital credit cards, clear cookies, clear flash cookies and stay safe.


Bonus # 8 - Work from anywhere in the world

How to set everything up so that you can work from any PC, from anywhere in the world with ease. I've done this and thought it might be of interest to some people.
So I will share with you, my solution for working while travelling the world.


Bonus # 9 - Invites to London and worldwide (Free Bar!) networking events

Again, I cannot stress how important networking is (both online and offline).
I will show you what events are of great value to attend to network and als have great parties at too!


Bonus # 10 - Approximately 100 sources who you can advertise with

Have you heard of Google Adwords? I hope so.
Have you heard of 7search - Maybe.
I'll give you a list of about 100 similar places where you can get cheap clicks from or advertise your business on. If you already have a profitable Adwords or Facebook ads campaign, copy it into these to potentially see amazing results.


Book now and receive 30 days worth of free mentoring from me and the Internet Business School panel of experts! You get UNLIMITED support for 30 DAYS for free

Get unlimited support from me and a team of

Me 'Legend' - the Blackhat Master
Online Marketers with £millions of sales between them
A top website designer
Google certified consultant
One of the U.K.’s top sales copywriters
Leading IT Experts including an MSc and C.Eng in IT
PhD SEO expert (Stompernet speaker)
An MBA Business Consultant
A UK Solicitor
I look forward to helping you succed online and join me in living the dream internet marketing lifestlyle,



Below are Several Scanned in Feedback Forms from the Day:

" 10 out of 10, AMAZING...
I have never been to a course with so much amazing content"

"Q: How do you think we could improve the Workshop
A: You couldn't!"

"I Enjoyed and Learned so much, it was worth the time
and money well spent (10/10)"

"Extremely Glad I Managed to Get a Place"

"Great Course - Loads of Info"

"Best Course I Have Been on as there were lots of
actionable info & tips given"

"Excellent Course, Lots of Content,
Well Delivered - Genuine Guy!"

"Course Content = 10 out of 10,
Course Delivery = 10 out of 10"

"Jam Packed Full of Hard Core Strategies that Work,
I Could Not Write Fast Enough!"

"Great Course and Delivered in an Easy
To Understand Format"




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